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Evangelism...the heartbeat of South Bay

We love people and want them to know about the God who loves them more than His own life! This church was raised up to obey the Great Commission in Matthew 28 to go and be a blessing others in sharing the Good News of Jesus! The 3 Angels' messages of Revelation 14 declare the revelation of the character of the God of love who longs to save to the uttermost those who draw near to Him. Gospel proclamation, health ministry, church planting, missions, and evangelism are at the core of our efforts to tell others of the amazing plan God has for those who follow Him!

Christ's Method Alone

In the time that remains before Jesus returns, South Bay SDA desires to work tirelessly from our new facility to advance the gospel using Christ’s method alone:

The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, won their confidence, and bid them follow Him. —Ellen G. White, Ministry of Healing


The South Bay Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church was established as a congregation in 2015 but has not had a church home since then. South Bay SDA has rented three churches in five years due to growth and logistical challenges. We need a facility to be a memorial to God, a place to serve the community, and a home to our church members.


To more effectively proclaim the Three Angels’ Messages in Chattanooga and throughout the world, we must have a facility of our own.

• Found residential property in a location to reach our local community as well as the broader area of Chattanooga
• Unity of church in approving purchase of property

• Land is paid in full
• Led to an architect who understands our needs
• City abandoned right-of-way that split property (this was huge!)
• Approval for city permits has been smooth
• Have almost $300,000 already raised toward building (at the time of the land purchase)


This building is designed for maximum ministry. The facility is to be used 7 days a week in service to others. The lobby is the hub and heart of the church leading to the separate wings of the Community Health Center, educational classrooms, and sanctuary. This is where we can meet and mingle with our guests. The Community Health Center will be used for the many health programs and classes we offer to the community. There are well-planned Sabbath Schools rooms for the educational enrichment and training of our youth. The sanctuary is a designated space set apart solely for the worship of God. It is designed for video recording and live-streaming. 

We need your prayers and financial support. By sacrificially partnering together with our approach of total member involvement, we can minimize indebtedness and “arise and build” together the church that God has ordained for ministry.


Your tax-deductible pledge and cash gifts will make all of this possible.

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