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Young Adult Kayak Camping Trip

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Young Adult Kayak Camping Trip

Time & Location

May 07, 4:00 PM – May 08, 12:00 PM
Chattanooga, 131 River St, Chattanooga, TN 37405, USA

About The Event

Kayak Camping Trip Important Information 

We are less than two weeks away from the kayak camping trip to Maclellan Island in downtown Chattanooga May 7-8! Here's some important information for you to know. 

Maximum Amount of Participants Reached 

We are currently at 20 people who have said yes to going kayak camping with us. We want to cap it at that number. We want to make sure it's enjoyable to those who don't like camping with a huge group, and this also makes the organization aspect of it manageable. So we'd like to ask you to please not invite anybody else at this point. Thank you for understanding. We might do another trip like this next year looking at how popular it is.  

Time and Location 

On May 7 we will meet at the small ramp into the water under the Market Street Bridge in Coolidge Park. There is free overnight parking in Walnut Street and Lookout Street. Be aware that the first section of Walnut Street (before the crossing) gets blocked off early in the mornings because of construction. It's about a 10-minute walk to cross the Walnut Street Bridge into Coolidge Park. There is also paid parking in Coolidge Park and Ranaissance Park at a low price. I believe that there is free parking in Coolidge Park as well, but I don't know if that's overnight since the park closes at night.  

Borrowing a Kayak or Canoe 

If you are borrowing a kayak or canoe from Michael Gray (the person I have helped some of you guys borrow one from) please don't show up later than 4PM at the ramp, so that we can make sure that Michael can offload his canoes/kayaks and find himself a parking spot. If you know in advance that you are not going to make it at that time, please contact Danique at (423)717-7130 and we'll see what we can do.  

Canoe/Kayak Rentals 

If you have rented a kayak you can pick those up at L2 Outside at the reserved time and then meet us at the ramp. Please be aware that they do charge a fee for late pickup and late return.  

How to Get to the Campsite 

Once you hit the water you'll want to paddle to the left side of the island. You'll see a ramp on the right but that is for day use. On the left there is direct access to the campsite. There won't be a real hike in.  

Things to Be Aware of

  • There are a variety of boats in the Tennessee River, both big and small, slow and fast. Please try to avoid kayaking by yourself. You'll be more visible in a group. Kayaking in the dark is at your own risk. We recommend that you stay near the shore/ island if you can.
  • There are also animals on the island, such as raccoons. This means that we have to make sure to pack up all our food and trash. There are no trashcans on the island. Trash has to be packed out.
  • There are no bathroom facilities. Please bring your own toilet paper and optionally a poop shovel. We ask that everyone covers up their excrement either with dirt, leaves, or both, and that you obviously do your business far away enough from the campsite.
  • There is a bonfire pit at our campsite. You're a rock star if you can bring s'mores and other campfire snacks that you'd be willing to share.


Friday evening we will have vespers led out by Danique at 8PM. Saturday morning we'll have a worship thought by Johnny Henderson at 8AM. We need to be out of the campsite by 11AM on Saturday, but you can stay longer on the island after that if you'd like, though those who are borrowing kayaks/canoes from Michael Gray will have to discuss with him till what time they are staying. There's no real plan besides that. You're welcome to do whatever you want on the island. There are hiking trails and of course you can explore the Tennessee River and canoe/kayak some more.  

Packing List 

If you've never gone backpacking before, here's a list with essentials to bring:

  • Dehydrated meals for dinner (lunch optional if you are planning on staying longer). You can dehydrate your own meals or buy backpacking meals from REI or Amazon. Other options are ramen, instant mashed potatoes, those packets of soup or pasta that you only have to add hot water to, kale chips, etc.
  • Breakfast: think of anything light and easy, such as pre-flavored packets of quick oats, granola and powdered soy milk, dried fruit, instant mashed potatoes, slices of bread and peanut butter cups, etc.
  • Water filter
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Hammock with under quilt or sleeping pad (only in the middle of summer can you really sleep without a sleeping pad in your hammock or under quilt. The temperates can be high enough but the wind will cool you off a lot in a hammock.
  • Rope to hang up backpack in the trees (in case raccoons try to get in)
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Batteries or charger for headlamp or flashlight
  • Powerbank
  • Hiking shoes
  • Hiking socks X2 (always bring an extra pair in case the ones you are wearing get wet)
  • Underpants X2 (bring an extra one in case of emergencies. Bring a third or fourth one if you want to change into clean underpants at night and in the morning.)
  • Sweater
  • Long pants
  • Spork
  • Small lightweight backpacking pot for cooking
  • Matches
  • Weather proof container for matches
  • Toilet paper in ziplock bag
  • Ziplock bag for trash
  • All food in ziplock bags
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Water bottles or bladder inside backpack that contain water for cooking (make sure that you're water bottles are lightweight)
  • Water bottles for drinking water
  • Emergency kit
  • Charcoal tablets and charcoal stick
  • Ibuprofen
  • Biodegradable soap to wash dishes
  • Sponge
  • Rag to dry cooking supplies with (I recommend a microfiber towel. You can buy some with a small clip to attach to your backpack to air dry after you're done at REI or on Amazon.)
  • Backpacking stove
  • Fuel for backpacking stove (Depends on which stove you have. Make sure to check if it screws on right before the trip. Not all fuel screws onto all stoves. See this video by REI about the types of stoves and fuel.)
  • Bug spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush


  • Rainfly with stakes for hammock
  • Rain jacket
  • Granola bars and other lightweight snacks
  • Poop shovel
  • Watch
  • Tea or hot chocolate
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • S'mores
  • Roasting sticks
  • Swimming attire if you're brave enough to go swimming with the massive catfish.
  • Carabiners to attach things to the outside of your backpack (See REI or Amazon. You don't need rock climbing carabiners. Those are much more expensive and overkill for what you'll be using them for. Just don't go too cheap either or they'll break.)
Registration is Closed