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Recently both the Health & Safety and Worship Committees met to discuss plans on resuming in-person services. It was decided that we will have outdoor services on our new church property (address below) weather-permitting at 11am for the time being. Due to logistics, Sabbath School will continue meeting online via Zoom. However, in order to allow for enough time for both Sabbath School classes and time to drive to the property for Divine Worship, all classes will be meeting from 9am-10am. If Divine Worship is held online due to weather - a decision that will be made Thursday nights - then classes are encouraged to use the extra time for expanded lesson study. 

While we are excited to be able to start worshipping together in person again, there will still be safety measures following recommendations from our Health & Safety Committee in conjunction with local, state, and national health and government officials. Social distancing will be implemented, and we ask all attendees to comply with these guidelines and minimize social contact with other church members. All family units will be asked to stay within a designated zone that will be set 6 feet apart from other family units. These zones will be marked ahead of time. Please be sure to keep all members of family unit within its designated area and to accompany younger children when needing to exit your zone. Face masks are optional for those who want to wear them, and we will have them available if you wish to get one. Please dress in comfortable church attire and keep in mind this will be out in the open under the sun. You will also need to bring your own chairs to use. We know that everyone will be eager to see and socialize with their friends, but we are required to follow these guidelines for the time being. Following the worship service, groups will be dismissed in an organized manner to return to their cars. Currently, the property will not be able to be used for lunch/picnicking following church. However, family groups will be coordinated via their assigned elders for smaller afternoon lunch groups to allow for more appropriate and safe socializing and fellowship.

We understand that there are a wide array of stances on these current issues with members being more or less comfortable with physical contact and being close to each other. Regardless of your position, we politely urge you to comply with these recommendations and be respectful of other attendees’ space and wishes. Please also remember that we will be meeting outdoors in view of our community and we need to portray an image of compliance and cooperation with the guidelines given to us. 

Live streaming will continue to be provided so that all in our church family may continue worshiping together. We therefore ask that if you are sick, have a fever or any other symptoms, please do not attend. We also recommend that those who fall within the vulnerable population such as the elderly, those with serious health issues including but not limited to serious respiratory or cardiovascular conditions and immunocompromised individuals to worship with us from home.

We are thankful to have a such wonderful church family and are excited to be able to worship together again. We understand that these limitations are still not ideal, but we thank you for working together to make the best of the current situation. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be glad to reach out to you.


Church Property Address:

4605 Redlands Dr.

Chattanooga, TN 37421
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Prayer Meeting, United Prayer, and all Sabbath School classes are all meeting using the Zoom platform. You can download and setup the app for your desktop, laptop, or smartphone at: https://Zoom.us. Once setup, the links below will take you to the corresponding classes.

Divine Worship will be streamed each week. You may watch via our websiteappYouTube, or Facebook. For those with smart TVs you can also watch on a larger screen by utilizing YouTube on your TV, casting, or mirroring.

We thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation. God bless and stay safe!

United Prayer

Sabbath 8:10-8:40am

Prayer Meeting

Tuesdays • 7-8 pm

Sabbath School:


Divine Worship


No upcoming events at the moment


We not only believe in spiritual health but physical and emotional health as well. That is why South Bay is glad to offer multiple health and wellness events throughout the year to our community. These programs can lead to dramatic changes in your life and help transform your mind and body into the temple it was meant to be.

















We are located at 6314 East Brainerd Rd. 

meeting at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.


Approximate Times:

From Downtown Chattanooga: 15-20 minutes

From Ringgold/Ft. Oglethorpe: 10-15 minutes

From Collegedale/Ooltewah: 15-20 minutes

From East Ridge: 5-10 minutes

From Hixson: 10-15 minutes


6314 East Brainerd Rd.

Chattanooga TN 37421

(Wesley Memorial United Methodist)


Sabbath School: 9:30am

Worship Service: 11:00am

Prayer Meeting: 6:45pm [Tue]


(423) 708-2160


PO Box 2433 Ooltewah, TN 37363


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