June 3, 2023, 11:00 a.m.

Enter with Praise
Eric Nelson

Welcome & Prayer
Keith Detwieler

Opening Hymn
167 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!

Offering Call
Dietmar Tonn
Church Budget

Scripture Reading
Lucas Gutierrez
Psalm 42:11

Morning Prayer
Keith Detwieler

Children's Story
Gavin and Jessenia Tonn

Special Music
Jayme Stabel

Morning Message
David Bowers

Closing Hymn
590 Trust and Obey

Josh Fraker



Transfer In/First Reading
Hannah Martin from Chattanooga 1st SDA Church (Chattanooga TN)

Please join us for fellowship dinner after the service.

Family Nature Hike is cancelled due to Camp Meeting. We will resume on the first Sabbath of next month.

Look Up Chattanooga: You are encouraged to attend a planning meeting at Talge Hall on the campus of Southern Adventist University this afternoon, June 3, at 3PM.
  The Georgia-Cumberland Conference is looking to do a major evangelistic thrust in Chattanooga in 2024 and this meeting will provide lots of helpful information about what is in the works. South Bay will be discussing the possibility of participating in this effort at our next board meeting.

Camp Meeting has been powerful and uplifting through elder James Howard and elder Justin Kim from General Conference.  Today is the last day and all are encouraged to come and hear the last message this evening at 7PM.

United in Prayer | Every Sabbath, 8:50-9:20 a.m. | South Bay SDA Church 
Please note that the united time of prayer every Sabbath morning is from 8:50-9:20 a.m.
The prayer team would like you to know that they have organized to pray for every family and every child in the church. If you would like to request prayer for a specific person or issue, you can request prayer at southbaysda.org/prayer.

Prayer After Divine Service
Join us in front of the platform for a short time of prayer immediately following  the divine service.

Sunset Today: 8:50PM   
Sunset Next Friday: 8:54PM

This Week

MIDWEEK CONNECTION:  There will be no Midweek Connection on May 30 & June 6 due to Camp Meeting & VBS.  

Mark  your calendar for Vacation Bible School, scheduled for June 5-9.
Theme is"Dare to be",  about the book of Daniel. There will be  Bible Stories, Crafts and Games, and Yummy Food.
Volunteers are needed! Please contact Betty Abraham if you are willing to help with this important ministry.

Financial Freedom: Managing Your Money with Confidence: Debt ceiling crisis, inflation, rising interest rates, economic recession, and more. With headlines like these, it’s no wonder money is on everyone’s minds. Many people are concerned about their personal finances and want to have confidence in managing their money. Did you know that the Bible offers timeless principles on how to do just that? You don’t want to miss this seminar by Alistair Huong where we will unearth these practical tips to help you find financial freedom.  This 6 part series will begin Tuesday, June 13 at 6:30 PM.  A Midweek Kid's Connection will occur at the same time. We will not have potluck suppers during the summer months.

"The scientifically-proven and evidence-based Nedley Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program (NDARP) ends on June 26. Please pray for the Lord to bless with healing  the 20 participants. Although this class is full and registration is closed, you may be put on the contact list for the next program by signing up at https://tinyurl.com/NDARPsouthbay. Free information is also available at https://www.nedleyhealth.com/recovery. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please get immediate help by calling 988, the nationwide hotline for mental health crises  including addictions, thoughts of suicide, and other types of emotional distress."

Morning Prayer Line: Remember we meet each weekday morning from 5:30-6 AM for prayer via ZOOM and Sabbath mornings from 8:50 - 9:20 AM here at the church.  The ZOOM link is under the prayer section of your church app.  

Food for Thought: Excel in showing respect for each other so that you grow to be more like Christ. It will lead to a stronger relationship for you and a stronger society for everyone. 

Further Out

UPCOMING EVENTS | Mark Your Calendars:
June 3 - Morning Message - David Bowers
  • June 3 - Fellowship Dinner
  • June 5-9 - Vacation Bible School
  • June 5 - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program 7PM
  • June 10 - Morning Message - Eric Flickinger
  • June 12 - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program 7PM
  • June 13 - Midweek Connection 6PM
  • June 14 - Elder's Meeting 6PM
  • June 14 - Church Board Meeting 7PM
  • June 17 - Morning Message - Pastor Jeremy
  • June 17 - Fellowship Meal
  • June 17 - Afternoon Outreach
  • June 19 - Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program 7PM 
  • June 20 - Midweek Connection 6PM
  • June 24 - Communion 
  • June 24 - Homeless Ministry 2PM
  • June 24 - Nursing Home Ministry 3PM
  • June 24 - AY Vespers 7:30PM
  • June 24 - Samaritan Center Dock Offloading 9PM

Offering Report

Yearly budget goal 


Monthly budget goal


Church budget received 2023 YTD


Church budget status 2023 YTD


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